Pit Bull Rescued From Dogfighting Ring Has The Best Day Ever

Pit Bull Rescued From Dogfighting Ring Has The Best Day Ever

Think a ‘vicious’ and ‘aggressive’ animal can’t change? Cherry the pit bull proves that with the right love and care, anything is possible.

Nine years ago, Cherry the pit bull was one of 53 dogs rescued from American professional football player Michael Vick’s home. Cherry was born and bred to fight, and possibly die in the meantime. This dog was never meant to have a life of his own, but thankfully some heroes from Best Friends Animal Society in Utah decided that Cherry didn’t deserve to be put down just because he had a rough upbringing.

When Cherry first arrived, he wasn’t trying to fight his rescuers or other dogs. In fact, he was terrified him. “When we would try to walk him, he would flatten his body right to the ground and almost crawl because he was so scared,” Best Friends’ director of animal care, Michelle Weaver, says in the following video from Bark Post.

“(We) really felt the dogs deserved to go through the rehabilitation process because they were the victims,” she continued. Cherry’s guardian angels refused to give up on him, seeing the pit bull’s sweet and loving nature underneath his skiddish exterior and over time they began to see a change in the poor pup.

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In 2010, their dream for Cherry came true when he was adopted by Paul and Melissa Fiaccone. “People don’t understand (that) dogs in fighting rings are no different than any other dog. The proof is in Cherry,” Paul told Today. “He wants to be happy. He wants to give back. What he wants to do is love.”

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[Featured Image: BarkPost]