Pit Bull Started Crying When No One Wanted To Pet Him On Halloween

Pit Bull Started Crying When No One Wanted To Pet Him On Halloween

One man from Massachusetts tweeted that on Halloween, no children wanted to pet his sweet pit bull. 

William wrote that his pit bull Dublin did not receive any love from trick-or-trickers at his mom’s place (William is away at college). “My dogs been greeting trick or treaters all night and they are scared to pet him, and he’s so sad,” William wrote. 


He shared a photo of how happy William was upon waiting for the arrival of trick or treaters: 

Then posted another photo showing William crying when no one showed him any attention. “The kids weren’t petting my dog because they were scared,” William told BuzzFeed in an interview. “She said he kept crying and that instantly made me so sad.”

Not only did this make William sad, but thousands of people on Twitter reacted, and sympathized with William by posted crying reaction GIFs and depressed selfies. Many even shared stories about their pit bulls saying they’ve experienced similar reactions from people. 


People are comparing this sad story to the time a grandpa named Paw Paw invited all of his grandkids over for burgers, and only one showed up. Fortunately, William’s aunt had the perfect solution to Dublin’s sad Halloween, and she made little kids pet Dublin first to get Halloween candy. 

Sure enough, this did the trick, and Dublin received the love he needed. 


“They are great, loving dogs, and the stigma around them being violent needs to end,” he said. “They will act as you raise them, just like any other breed. Seeing support around ending that stigma makes me so happy,” William told BuzzFeed. 

As for Dublin, he’s now happy, and William says, “He’s the sweetest thing. He loves everyone and everything, and always wants to play and give kisses.”

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[Featured Image Credit: Twitter- sinamonnroII]