Pit Bull Was So Scared Of Fireworks, He Ran Away From His Family

Pit Bull Was So Scared Of Fireworks, He Ran Away From His Family

California-based dog rescue, Hope For Paws, received a call about a pit bull hiding under someone’s car. 

Lisa Arturo and Eldad Hagar from Hope For Paws met at the man’s house, where they found the petrified dog underneath a car. Apparently, the dog had run away from its owner when it got scared during some 4th of July fireworks. 

Rescuers decided to use plastic fencing around the car to secure the dog from running away and even tried to lure him with food. But, sadly, the dog wasn’t budging and Hope For Paws wrote on their YouTube channel: “His fear was greater than his hunger.” 

“He didn’t understand we were there to help him,” they continued. Slowly, Hagar, an expert rescuer, led the pit bull out of his hiding spot, and he said, “For my own safety, I initially used a towel to pet him.” 

Luckily, when Hagar and Arturo scared the dog they discovered he had a registered microchip. They called the family, who told them that their pit bull named Boy must have ran away when he heard the fireworks. They were so thankful that Hope For Paws found him! 

Hope For Paws wrote on their YouTube, “Every year, thousands of pets go missing because of fireworks. Most will never be reunited with their families again.” 

“Even firecrackers will make the most well adjusted, loving pet become terrified enough to run away. Also, make sure your pet has a collar with a name tag and your phone number,” they continued.”

Watch the rescue and reunion below:

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[Featured Image Credit: YouTube- Hope For Paws- Official Rescue Channel]