Pitbull Saves Owner From Her Abusive Boyfriend-Heartwarming

Pitbull Saves Owner From Her Abusive Boyfriend-Heartwarming

Most of us own a dog so that we can feel the unconditional love that they provide. We are always shocked however, when they do extraordinary things, to the point of saving our lives.

This was the case with Jamie Kraczkowski, whose 2-year-old pit bull girl named Isis, was the one responsible for saving her life.

Jamie’s now ex-boyfriend Jame Dopke was living with her and Isis, when he got very drunk one night and became increasingly abusive towards Jamie. As she was unable to call 911 because Jame had smashed her phone, she began to fear for her safety.

Her loving pitbull Isis became increasingly angry as she saw Jame aggressively smashing walls, and abusing Jamie.

Isis finally had it when Jame smashed Jamie’s head into the wall, and she fiercely and bravely grabbed Jame’s pant leg and bit him until he let go of Jamie and she fled the home. When Dopke finally turned himself into police, the bite’s on his leg required 30 stitches.

We are truly impressed by the bravery of this loving pit bull, as she put herself in harms way trying to protect her owner.

Please watch the video below, as Jamie spoke with the news because she was so incredibly shook by this whole ordeal. The sad thing is, Jamie had 5 days after the ordeal to find Isis a home, because pit bulls are banned in the city of Michigan.



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[Featured Image Credit: YouTube- ElaroX]