Pokemon Fan Dyes His Dog’s Fur To Match Pikachu Inciting Fury Online

Pokemon Fan Dyes His Dog’s Fur To Match Pikachu Inciting Fury Online

If you have been following the Pokemon Go craze, then you already know how obsessed some people are with the game.

Stories surrounding the app have filled timelines and tabloids alike. Even we have found ourselves covering a number of these stories.

However, for all the good this game has brought about, it’s also invited a significant number of oddities, like the fan who is being accused of animal abuse after her dyed his dog to look like Pikachu.

The dog looks happy enough, but is this how a pup should be?


Many online say no, sharing their thoughts and ideas publicly on Facebook.

“Omg that’s not cute that is so cruel,” one person wrote on Facebook. “Washing that dog clean isn’t going to be fun the only person this fun for is the dumb owner of that poor dog such an unnatural thing to do.”

Yet others have shared their opinion and urged the public not to overreact.

“People are so quick to yell fire before they can tell whether it’s smoke or steam. Unless the dye was toxic or the dog was very distressed when it was being dyed then I don’t see how any sane person could think this amounts to animal abuse. Please continue to call out injustices but make sure an injustice has occurred before you sharpen your pitchforks.”

The unnamed commentator might be the voice of reason here. What do you make of this incident? Is it animal abuse or just plain dumb? Tell us in the comments and please SHARE with friends and family on Facebook.

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