Police Arrest Man After Security Cam Catches Him Taking Upskirting Photos

Police Arrest Man After Security Cam Catches Him Taking Upskirting Photos

Upskirting is a horrifying new trend that only came to our attention a few years ago.

As phone technology improves and cameras are suddenly carried on us at all times, we find ourselves living in increasingly more public environments. One of the ways we now live in public is through the invasion of privacy that comes when smartphones and cameras are used to take photos up the skirt of a woman, also known as ‘upskirting.’ What is done with those photos is ghastly to think about.

Take, for example, the Chester Township incident that happened in Pennsylvania back in May. Police arrested a man after he was accused of taking pictures up the skirt of a woman while she was standing in line at a business in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania.

Bobby D. Hayden, 33, is now facing several charges including invasion of privacy, harassment, and disorderly conduct.

And the whole dirty deed was caught on camera thanks to a security camera in the corner of the store:

Video from the May 10 footage inside the Pretzel Factory on South 69th Street shows Hayden put his cell phone under the victim’s skirt and snap several photos.

Police say she felt someone touch her leg so she turned and confronted Hayden, who ran off.

Hayden was later taken into custody and is being held on $20,000 bond at Delaware County Prison.

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[Featured Image: WPVI]