Police Discover Man Walks 15 Miles To Work Everyday

Police Discover Man Walks 15 Miles To Work Everyday

People often complain about their commutes into work every morning, yet one Texas man has never complained even though it takes him around three hours to walk the 15 miles to work each day.

For the past seven months, an ice cream and burger restaurant manager has been making the 15-mile walk to work five days a week after getting transferred to a further location. “I used to work at the Braum’s in Plano and I got transferred here because they needed help here. I said ‘OK,’ and my commitment to them was, I have to be at work so I’ll be at work, whatever it takes,” Patrick said. “You can’t keep your job if you don’t go to work.”

For Patrick, it’s just a normal part of his day, yet when a McKinney Police officer recently saw him walking on the side of the road and stopped to see if the man needed any help, he was speechless to hear he was actually just making his daily commute to work.

Officer Branson insisted on giving him a ride to work, and was so amazed by Patrick’s commitment to his work that he asked to take a picture with him and shared Patrick’s story on Facebook. “My kids will know about Patrick, my grandkids will know about Patrick, everyone should know about Patrick,” Branson said.

The post quickly went viral, and a member of the community started a GoFundMe and raised $3,760 in a few days for Patrick so he could afford transportation. “There is a lot of kindness in Collin County,” said Patrick, who can’t believe how many people are stunned by what he does to get to work. “Commitment. You make a commitment to your job, to go to work every day. They expect you to go to work every day. No excuses.”

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[Featured image: McKinney Police Department]