Police Officer Buys Bike Tires For A Total Stranger

Police Officer Buys Bike Tires For A Total Stranger

While driving down the street in his patrol car last month, one Florida cop heard a strange noise from beside him and was absolutely speechless when he turned his head and saw where it was coming from.

“I hear this noise on the side of me,” said Jacksonville police officer Terrance Hightower. When Hightower looked to the side of the road, he saw a man riding a bike with only one tire. The back tire had worn away so much that the metal rim was actually exposed to the ground. “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

Hightower was so shocked he actually stopped the cyclist, Alfonso Stacey, but knew he had to do something to help when he heard why the 61-year-old was riding the bike. “I have to do what I need to do to get things done in life and this is my transportation,” Stacey told Hightower. “I’ll get another tire or rim sooner or later.”

After finishing his shift, Hightower headed to the store to buy two new tires, inner tubes, and a patch kit before driving the supplies over to Stacey’s home and helping him fix his bike. “He was just doing what he has to do, the right way. Sometimes you just have to help someone. He had no idea I was going back to his house later, after work, with two new tires for his bike,” Hightower said.

“He said little things like that mean a lot. That changed his perspective about people and believing in people,” Hightower said about Stacey, who was stunned that the officer was willing to spend his own money and time to help him. “You can do something small and minute and it means just as much as anything else.”

Watch the entire video below to see the incredible thing this cop did for a total stranger.

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[Featured image: Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office]