Police Officer Faces Assault Charges After Slapping Man Dressed As Bunny

Police Officer Faces Assault Charges After Slapping Man Dressed As Bunny

We’re glad to know our heroes are out there protecting our country from the dangers that prowl the streets…like the officer who heroically slapped a man dressed in a bunny costume.

In what can only be described as the strangest news story to surface in 2016, a police officer in Hopatcong, NJ faces charges after slapping a man dressed as a bunny rabbit, according to the Associated Press.

The encounter was between Nicholas Maresca Jr. and Kevin Hemmerich. Hemmerich came into the police station dressed as a bunny rabbit and blowing an air horn. Despite being told to stop multiple times, he kept doing it.  was captured on a video shot by Hemmerich’s brother. The video shows Hemmerich entering the Hopatcong police station and blowing the air horn repeatedly despite being told to stop.

Kevin Hemmerich went to the police station to turn himself in on a warrant related to a motor vehicle accident [NJ Media]
Jason Hemmerich, the brother of the victim, said two officers began cursing at them and one hit Kevin Hemmerich in the face. However, according to Maresca’s attorney, Anthony Iacullo, the officer was simply acting appropriately and “in accordance with his training and experience as a police officer.”

Jason Hemmerich said his brother had gone down to the police station regarding a warrant related to a motor vehicle incident. If his brother did not take care of the warrant, he faced further consequences. Now, he faces stunned reporters who can’t seem to understand what happened here.

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