Puppy Hiding In His Owner’s Beard Pops Out In Splendid Surprise

Puppy Hiding In His Owner’s Beard Pops Out In Splendid Surprise

In recent years, the facial fur fad has become increasingly popular and while many people love a little scruff on their man, statistics show chin carpets can contain a high amount of bacteria.

In fact, you never really know what exactly can pop out of that facial fleece. According to research conducted by reporters at Action 7 News, along with Quest Diagnostics, men’s facial hair can contain bacteria found in the intestines, as well as fecal matter. And that’s not the only thing they contain!

[The Telegraph]
If that wasn’t bad enough, take a look at the video below to see what other atrocities can pop out of one’s whiskers. A Michigan man discovered that you never quite know what could be hiding in there when a tiny puppy popped out from behind his curly curtain of facial hair.

In all seriousness, this video may only be five seconds long, but you may end up devoting at least 60 seconds of your life to watching and re-watching this video 12 times. It’s impossible to hold in the laughter at this delightfully dandy dog and his owner.


But remember, gents, always wash your beards well because you never know what can be living deep in those depths.

[Featured Image: YouTube]