Puppy Lays In Snow For 12 Hours After She Was Hit By A Car

Puppy Lays In Snow For 12 Hours After She Was Hit By A Car

A 7-month-old puppy was seen walking along the side of a snowy road in Alberta, Canada when she was struck by a car. 

The terrible accident broke the poor pup’s pelvis and she tumbled through the snow into a ditch below the street and laid there. The dog was in desperate need of help, but unfortunately, her body heat melted a hole in the snow where she lay. 

This meant that it became extremely difficult for anyone to spot the dog, named Nutmeg, from the road. 

Thankfully, a group of observant teenagers noticed the dog and called authorities. When help arrived, it took rescuers hours to find the dog, as she became even more submerged in the snow. Once they finally saw Nutmeg, she began to wag her tail and tried to move toward them.

They took Nutmeg to an emergency veterinary hospital where doctors were able to set her fractured pelvis and she was given pain medication. 

Although Nutmeg was suffering from extreme pain, she never lost her cheerful attitude, and her positivity has helped in her recovery. 

Now, Nutmeg is under the care of the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society, and workers are confident that in a few months, she’ll be completely back to normal. 

It is then that Nutmeg can go up for adoption, and we hope that a loving family will care for her forever.

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[Featured Image: Facebook / Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society]