Puppy Tests Newly Invented Automated Dog Washing Machine

Puppy Tests Newly Invented Automated Dog Washing Machine

Once in a generation, we find ourselves confronted with an invention so historic and so transformative that we have no option but to stare in admiration.

No, friends, I’m not talking about the Google self-driving car, which has racked up roughly 1.5 million miles in a car that has no driver. Nor am I talking about the Hoverboard scooter, an invention that has introduced us to a whole ‘notha level of stupidity.

You guessed it, I’m referring to the Automatic Dog Washing Machine, a truly historic invention that has come to us from Thailand and virtually changed our definition of what we call cute.

In case you haven’t heard of this invention yet, that’s okay, it isn’t exactly making headlines.

What it is doing, however, is making this dog’s day. Chang Mai was the first lucky critter to test out this nifty new invention, and oh boy does he love it! I’ve never seen a dog express so much affection for taking a bath, but when you watch the following video, you’ll understand why. (Now, if only I could get my cat to love getting a bath just as much.)

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[Featured Image Credit: ViralHog via Rumble]