Rescue Crews Save Puppy Whose Head Was Stuck Inside Mom During Labor

Rescue Crews Save Puppy Whose Head Was Stuck Inside Mom During Labor

While the world was celebrating Mother’s Day on May 14, one pregnant mother was going through a life-threatening delivery. 

World For All/Save The Helpless Animals Of Mumbai wrote on their Facebook that an Indie breed pregnant dog was going into labor on the Western Express Highway. 

The first puppy’s legs were half out and his head was just stuck, thus causing Madre hours of intense labour pain, endangering her as well as unborn her puppies’ lives,” they wrote. 

WFA rescue team rushed to the dog’s aid and took her to the vet for immediate surgery. The pregnancy mamma wound up delivering five healthy puppies through a c-section and afterwards she was spayed to prevent further risks and agony to her. 

The organization wrote on their Facebook page, “Mothers of all species go through a lot for their off-springs and are truly super heroes. Just like human beings, all other species go through intense labor pains and are subject to delivery complications. We feel blessed to have been given this opportunity to help Madre give life to her young on this Mother’s Day. We urge all our supporters to be empathetic and helpful to stray mothers and their young in the upcoming monsoons when they need shelter the most.” 

Thankfully, the mother and her five babies are in good hands and they will be put up for adoption when they are ready. Just look at those adorable faces! 

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