Rescue Faked Dog’s Death To Save Her From Abusive Owner

Rescue Faked Dog’s Death To Save Her From Abusive Owner

Last October, Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation, a U.S.-based nonprofit that works with international animal shelters, received a call from a shelter in Egypt, asking for immediate help.

Workers at the Egypt shelter knew of a young, purebred pit bull who had been beaten by her owner so badly that her jaw was broken. In addition, she was undernourished and covered with infections.

The workers knew they had to rescue the pit bull, but they faced one problem- the dog’s owner was their landlord, with whom they shared a property, so the help had to come from an outside source.

After the owner refused when workers politely offered to take the dog off his hands, they devised a plan that wouldn’t upset the abusive owner or risk the shelter losing its rented space.

After explaining this dilemma to SNARR, they arranged to have the injured dog sent to the organization’s Philadelphia-based coordinator via a volunteer traveler who’d take the dog to New York.

“The shelter had to be very careful when getting the dog [off the property],” Lauren Connelly, SNARR’s foster coordinator, told The Huffington Post. “If they made the man mad, then the shelter couldn’t exist” — which would put all the animals under their care at risk.

The volunteers waited until the owner left his property, and they sent the dog off to America. When the owner returned home, shelter workers told him the dog had died. According to Connelly, the owner never asked any questions about the dog.

When she arrived at SNARR, her condition was dire. The dog, who they named Lucy was too afraid to leave her crate, and rescuers said, ““Her jaw was so painful, she couldn’t eat. We had to make dog food soup so she can lick it up with her tongue.”

When Connelly brought Lucy to the vet, they confirmed the dog’s violent past. “The vet said that the jaw was broken in two places,” Connelly said — and the breaks appeared to be the result of blunt force. “She was either kicked or hit with something strong like a brick.”

After reconstructive jaw surgery, antibiotics and months of recovery, Lucy is finally living a happy life in Pittsburg with a loving foster family. “She’s just like any other dog now,” Connelly told HuffPost. “You’d never know that anything had happened to her.”

We’re so grateful for SNARR for stepping up and doing everything possible to save this abused dog.

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[Featured Image Credit: Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation]