Rescuer Saves Lost Dog From A Pile Of Branches On A River

Rescuer Saves Lost Dog From A Pile Of Branches On A River

While out looking for a man that may have drowned in a California river, a group of locals spotted a terrified dog stranded precariously on top of a pile of tree branches and debris.

Since the dog was too far out to reach safely, the group called a local animal rescuer for help. “I’m known in the community as an animal rescuer,” Jessica Barraza said. “A friend who is also involved in animal rescue heard of the dog’s situation and got in touch with me immediately. When we got there the next morning, he looked friendly and eager to be out of that situation.”

The dog had been stuck on the pile for days without any food or water, so by the time Barraza and her friend arrived, he was more than happy to be rescued. The two women tried to help the dog climb out on his own, but he was too afraid to move, so Barraza bravely climbed down and brought him back to safety.

At first, Barraza feared the sweet pit bull had been abandoned there, but he looked well cared for. Soon after rescuing him, a family came forward to claim their lost pet, and Barraza was happy to reunite them. “He had gotten loose, and his family had been looking everywhere for him, driving around and posting on lost and found pages,” Barraza said. “How he ended up in the river is a mystery, but this dog definitely had angels watching over him.”

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[Featured image: Jessica Barraza]