Rescuers Discover The Heartbreaking Reason Why Sweet Dog Won’t Kiss Them

Rescuers Discover The Heartbreaking Reason Why Sweet Dog Won’t Kiss Them

Animal rescue teams are, unfortunately, used to finding innocent animals in dangerous and heartbreaking situations, and after a while, almost nothing shocks them anymore.

However, even the rescuers at the Animal Charity of Ohio were horrified by how they found this pit bull, who had wandered onto someone’s porch after they assume he escaped from his abusers. Because of the scars covering his face, it’s clear the gentle pit bull, who they named Bubbles, has been abused his whole life, and also believed to have been used as bait in a dog fighting ring.

Despite the obvious signs of abuse and pain, the rescue team was surprised by how gentle and trusting Bubbles was when they were called to the scene. Instead of cowering or trying to attack them, he quickly trusted the strangers and nuzzled up against them.

Photo by Facebook/Animal Charity of Ohio

“At first glance at the scars on his face you would assume he is a fighter, but with us –all he wants is attention. He keeps going to each of us to be petted and loved,” Animal Charity of Ohio wrote online.

“That is when we noticed something wasn’t right. He isn’t giving us kisses,” they said. “His face touches ours, but that’s it. One of us wondered out loud, ‘Does he even have a tongue?’ We were horrified when we looked inside his mouth and found that his tongue is missing.”

Photo by WKBN

Aside from his missing tongue, the team found that Bubble’s teeth have been ground down, he has heartworms, and other parasites, but is finally getting the care and treatment he desperately needs to recover and heal.

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[Featured image: Facebook/Animal Charity of Ohio]