Rescuers Save Five Orphaned Puppies Living In Bushes

Rescuers Save Five Orphaned Puppies Living In Bushes

When you see a dog, cat or other pet living on the street when they look like they once belonged in someone’s home, it’s nothing short of heartbreaking. However, the only thing even worse is knowing that many of these pets were born on the streets and may live their entire lives not knowing what the comfort of a loving family or home feels like.

The following video is from the amazing heroes of Hope For Paws, a Los Angeles, California-based rescue organization that saves countless homeless and helpless dogs each year, and it’s a great example of just that. In the clip, we learn that a kind woman had started feeding starving puppies nearby her home after their mother seemed to have disappeared.

“The stray mother of the puppies left them one day in search of food, and never returned,” the heroes wrote on YouTube. “For two weeks the puppies were fed by a Good Samaritan, and then we got a call on the Hope For Paws emergency line.” Due to the dense vegetation where the puppies were located, the rescuers were in for a real challenge, but the first two puppies gave in pretty easily. It was then that rescuers realized the pups were revealing three more siblings in the bushes.

“Together we were able to pull the puppies one by one. A couple of the puppies screamed because they were never touched by humans, but we were able to calm all of them down quickly,” they wrote. Thankfully, all five puppies were saved that day and turned out to have a much better life than they ever would on the streets.

“Later on that day they all got a bath, they saw the doctor, and two days later – HAPPINESS!!!”

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[Featured Image: YouTube / Hope For Paws]