Rescuers Save Dog Abandoned Behind A Mall Covered In Matted Fur

Rescuers Save Dog Abandoned Behind A Mall Covered In Matted Fur

When dogs are placed in a rescue organization’s care, they’ve usually just been saved from abuse or neglect and aren’t in the best shape.

Yet when one tiny Shih Tzu mix was brought into a Maryland animal shelter, even she could tell how bad she looked and was too ashamed to look anyone in the eye. “Initially, from what I understand from the animal control officer that brought her to me, she was very depressed,” said Renee Martini, founder of Renee’s Rescues. “Almost lethargic. She wouldn’t look you in the eye.”

The 6-year-old had been abandoned behind a shopping mall in Elkton, Maryland and was discovered covered in dirty, matted fur by an animal control officer. The officer brought her back to an animal shelter, but because of her condition, Renee’s Rescue was contacted since they work with local shelters and specialize in helping animals in need of extra care.

“When I saw her, I knew there was something magical going on underneath all those mats,” Martini said about the dog, who they named Matilda Mae, with matted fur and rotting teeth. “Once she was shaved down, we gave her a medicated bath,” Martini said. “And we started talking to her. We put the sweater on her and it was just kind of like she lit up. There was this whole other dog that just came to fruition in front of us. It was a beautiful thing to see.”

“Once the fur came off, there was this beautiful sweet dog. We’re building her up emotionally. She’s such a happy girl. She’s got a great future ahead of her.” As of now, Martini is looking for a foster home for Matilda, and will eventually be looking for a forever home for her once she fully recovers from the severe neglect.

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[Featured image: Renee’s Rescues]