Rescuers Save Lost Dog Trapped Under Propane Tanks

Rescuers Save Lost Dog Trapped Under Propane Tanks

During a firework show this past Fourth of July, one terrified Yorkie darted out the front door, which was open for just a second, and was left wandering the streets.

The dog named Sephora was hopelessly lost and eventually found a cabinet of propane tanks at a gas station to hide under after wandering around the area. A man discovered Sephora under the tanks, but decided to call for help after she started growling at him when he tried to offer her food.

A team of rescuers from Hope for Paws quickly made their way to the gas station, and when she refused to crawl out on her own, they put a snare around her neck and tried to gently pull her out. However, Sephora was too big to fit under the cabinet.

“We were not able to pull her out, so I used a metal pole to lift the whole storage unit with the propane tanks,” said Eldad Hagar, founder of Hope for Paws. “The metal pole started bending, and Sephora almost got crushed, but Loreta pulled her just in time. The whole rescue took 10 minutes, but these were a stressful 10 minutes.”

Once safe, Hagar started searching for her family since she appeared to be well cared for. “For a whole week I searched every possible website and by luck, one website that I had never even heard about had her picture and I knew right away it was her,” Hagar said. Soon after, Hagar was able to reunite Sephora with her family, who thought their beloved pup was lost forever.

Watch the entire video below to see the stressful moment these rescuers saved a terrified dog trapped under propane tanks.

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[Featured image: Hope For Paws]