Rescuers Save Raccoon Who Got Its Head Stuck In A Sewer Gate

Rescuers Save Raccoon Who Got Its Head Stuck In A Sewer Gate

Animal rescuers in Rhode Island helped rescue a raccoon that got its head stuck fast inside a sewer gate. 

The Wildlife Rehabilitators Association of Rhode Island shared photos on Tuesday of the trapped raccoon. Despite law enforcement’s best efforts to gently pull it out, the raccoon remained stuck. 

“The Jamestown Police and the highway department had tried to grease her up and squeeze her out, but she’d been stuck in the grate since last evening so the swelling around her head and neck was too pronounced to get her out,” the association said.

Leaving the raccoon behind was not an option, so they lifted the gate out of the ground along with the trapped raccoon and brought her to the clinic. 

“In order to get her out we first had to ice down the skin around her head and neck and also gave her some pain meds to reduce the inflammation,” the association said.

“It took four of us to move the grate to surgery where Dr. Bird could anesthetize and we could squeeze her head out of the grate.”

After the team successfully removed the raccoon, they also vaccinated her against rabies, distemper, and parvo. 

“She’s still a little out of it as I’m writing this and is very clearly exhausted but we anticipate a full recovery for this lucky little girl,” the association said.

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Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Wildlife Rehabilitators Association of Rhode Island]