Rescuers Save The Life Of Hopeless Dog Living In Sewage Ditch

Rescuers Save The Life Of Hopeless Dog Living In Sewage Ditch

Animal Aid Unlimited, an animal rescue in India has saved hundreds of animals from absolutely dire situations- ones that most people would give up in.

In yet another incredible rescue, Animal Aid responded to a call about a street dog who collapsed in a sewage ditch. 

The rescue wrote on YouTube, “When we got a call on our helpline to rescue an injured street dog we found her emaciated and collapsed in a sewage drain. She had a massive wound on the side of her neck infested with maggots and she was too sick to get out of the sewage water she had fallen in. She was utterly hopeless and had we not been able to rescue her just then, she would have certainly died right there in that drain, possibly within just another hour or two. We rushed her back to Animal Aid Unlimited’s shelter and began her intensive treatment which would continue over the next 6 weeks.”

When rescuers arrived, they noticed the poor dog was suffering from an enormous wound and she was unable to move. They named her Shanti and when she arrived at the rescue, she received immediate medical treatment and doctors applied powder to kill the maggots living on her skin. 

Shanti must have been in terrible pain and it took several hours for the powder to work before they could clean the wound. Besides her wounds, Shanti was severely dehydrated, so vets quickly started her on IV fluids that continued for many days. 

Soon, they were able to sedate her and began to clean and treat her massive wound. Rescuers then derided the wound and removed the maggots and applied bandages. “If ever there was an animal on the brink of death, it was this sweet girl when we rescued her,” Animal Aid wrote. 

“It was an uphill battle to get her strong enough to eat on her own, to stand and to heal,” they continued. But, after six weeks of treatment, Shanti is doing amazing and if it wasn’t for Animal Aid’s help, she wouldn’t be where she is today. 

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Warning: The following video contains graphic content that may be upsetting to some viewers. 

To help other injuries animals like Shanti, click here to donate to Animal Aid Unlimited India. 

[Featured Image Credit: Animal Aid Unlimited, India/YouTube]