Rescuers Save Tiny Hedgehog Trapped In Backyard

Rescuers Save Tiny Hedgehog Trapped In Backyard

Officers from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals came to the rescue of a hedgehog trapped in netting, in a resident’s backyard. 

According to, Society Animal Welfare Officer Matt Brown arrived at the scene to rescue the small hedgehog, who was trapped outside a house in Liverpool. “The hedgehog had gotten the top half of his body tangled and he had been trying to free himself. When he was found, it looked as though he was running low on energy,” Brown said.

Brown transported the hedgehog to the Stapeley Grange Wildlife Center and said he was lucky to have sustained no injuries from the incident since netting can be very harmful to wild animals. 

“This hedgehog was very lucky because sadly we do get called to a lot of incidents where wildlife have got themselves caught in sports netting and as a result suffer fatal injuries from struggling to get themselves free,” he said.

Brown said that nocturnal animals like hedgehogs, badgers, and foxes can often become tangled in nets while awake and active during the night and can remain trapped until morning or sometimes even longer. 

He suggested that residents put away sports nets after use and replace garden netting with solid metal mesh if possible. 

Has an animal ever been trapped in your backyard?

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[Featured Image Credit: RSPCA]