Rescuers Think They Find A Dog Only To Discover It’s Actually A Wolf-Dog Hybrid

Rescuers Think They Find A Dog Only To Discover It’s Actually A Wolf-Dog Hybrid

Los Angeles is home to many stray dogs, a problem that has been going on in the city for years.

Over the last six years, Los Angeles County animal services have taken in close to 200,000 lost or homeless dogs.

In the midst of those many stray dogs, one appeared that looked like a dog, and sometimes acted like a dog, but he wasn’t exactly a dog.

New Boy, a rescue found on the streets of LA, wasn’t just any old dog. Once rescuers got closer to him, they realized they were dealing with something they had never seen before.

When New Boy was found, he was corralled by rescue teams. 

[W.O.L.F Sanctuary]

Upon closer inspection, they realized New Boy is actually a wolfdog, which a strange new wolf/dog hybrid.

Michelle Proulx, the director of animal care at W.O.L.F., acknowledged that New Boy was shy and in rough shape. But she was determined to rescue him, so she took him in.

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While Michelle didn’t know the wolfdogs history or where he came from, it appeared as though the poor animal had been living on the streets. His paws were inflamed and he had cuts on the pads of his feet.

After a bath and some freshening up, it became clear just how far from a dog New Boy actually is.

[W.O.L.F Sanctuary]

Wolf dogs are a real breed, one that is often given up around the age of two when owners realize these animals are not actually dogs.

The challenges this crew faces now is getting New Boy comfortable around his caretakers and finding a setting that is suitable for him.

We wish them the bast of luck and we know they’re up to the job.

[W.O.L.F Sanctuary]

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[Featured Image: W.O.L.F Sanctuary]