Sad Dog Dumped On The Side Of The Road Thought No One Was Coming To Save Him

Sad Dog Dumped On The Side Of The Road Thought No One Was Coming To Save Him

An incredible rescue organization in India, Animal Aid Unlimited, received a call to rescue a very old, injured and confused street dog. 

When they spotted the dog, they saw she had a very infected wound on her back and as she walked the streets, she seemed to be walking almost in a daze. When rescuers brought the dog back to animal aid, they started her on IV fluids to treat her severe dehydration. 

First, they shaved the matted fur around the wound and then removed the maggots that caused the wounds to be so large. “After struggling to stay alive with such a painful wound, she was completely exhausted,” Animal Aid Unlimited, India, wrote on their YouTube channel

“She was such an old and fragile girl, that Edith needed a little extra time to eat, to heal, and to regain her strength. And we gave her all the time she needed,” Animal Aid continued.

Besides Edith, Animal Aid Unlimited has done an incredible job in investing all their resources, including medical expenses and love and care into animals in need. Most of these wounds animals would have died on the street if it wasn’t for Animal Aid coming to their rescue.

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Warning: The following video contains graphic content that may be upsetting to some viewers. 

[Featured Image Credit: Animal Aid Unlimited, India- YouTube]