Sailor Jumps 40 Feet Off Boat To Save Trapped Whale

Sailor Jumps 40 Feet Off Boat To Save Trapped Whale

Falling overboard a large ship is incredibly dangerous, yet one brave sailor willingly jumped overboard a massive cargo ship when he spotted a wild animal in need of help.

This past week, the crew from the Cheikh El Mokrani, a Bahamas-registered 55,000-ton gas tanker, realized that a whale had accidentally gotten caught in their fishing net. The crew set out one of their sailors on one of their lifeboats, but the man was struggling to free the massive animal on his own.

One of the sailors still on deck knew someone would have to help if they were to set the whale free, and after a few minutes contemplating the situation, he bravely climbed over the railing and jumped 40 feet off the ship into the water below.

The sailor then swims to the struggling animal and starts working the net off the whale. After a few minutes, the two men finally untangle the whale and the rest of the crew onboard starts cheering as the whale swims back into the ocean unharmed.

Watch the entire video below to see the amazing moment this brave man risked his life to rescue a trapped whale.

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[Featured Image: YouTube/Humans At Sea]