Scorpion Falls From Overhead Bin On United Flight And Attacks Passenger

Scorpion Falls From Overhead Bin On United Flight And Attacks Passenger

As if United Airlines hasn’t had enough drama going on lately, the company has yet another crisis on its hands: A man was stung by a scorpion on a recent flight. 

After spending two weeks on vacation in Mexico, Richard and Linda Bell were on a United Airlines flight home from Houston to Calgary on Sunday. They thought their adventure was over until a scorpion fell from the overhead compartment and on to Richard. 

“Something fell on my head, so I grabbed it,” he recalled to Inside Edition. “My neighbor said, ‘That’s a scorpion, they’re dangerous.’ So I dropped it on my tray, then I went to grab it again, and that’s when I got stung.”His wife Linda said the scorpion stung him “right by the nail bed.” Bell told Global News Canada that it “felt like a wasp sting.” 

Bell finally took the scorpion stomped it on the ground and then threw the remains in the toilet. Upon landing in Calgary, emergency personnel came on board the plane to examine Richard, and according to an EMS spokesperson, he showed no signs of distress and declined medical attention. 

While it is unclear how the scorpion got onto the flight, the most likely scenario is that it snuck onboard inside someone’s luggage. United Airlines told Inside Edition: “Our crew immediately consulted with a physician on the ground who provided guidance. Medical personnel met the aircraft after it arrived. We reached out to the customer to apologize.”

The pilot and flight attendant also made an announcement that someone was stung by a scorpion. 

Can you believe such an incident happened on yet another United Airlines flight?

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[Featured Image Credit: Inside Edition YouTube]