Secret Santa Spends $79,000 Paying Off Shoppers’ Gifts At Walmart

Secret Santa Spends $79,000 Paying Off Shoppers’ Gifts At Walmart

The holidays are the season for giving, and one Secret Santa in Pennsylvania made Christmas for many this year. 

This anonymous man apparently walked into a Walmart in Harrisburg on Monday and shelled out $79,000 to pay off everyone’s layaway bills. 

“Probably about 1 o’clock this afternoon, I had an anonymous donor come in,” store manager Christy Evans said. “It was specifically the holiday layaways…it’s a lot of mixed reactions, complete relief to, there’s been customers just breaking down and crying.”

When people started realizing their layaways were paid thanks to a good samaritan, they were overjoyed. 

Shopper Tracy Folks was one of the lucky receivers and when her mom called her to tell her the news, she says, “I started crying right away on the phone, because I was actually going to have to cancel my layaway.”

“Today was definitely a big deal. It’s been a rough year this year,” she continues. 

Another recipient said, “(I) want to say thank you, whoever you are. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Thank you very much.”

This anonymous man paid off what others were working to pay off, and these receivers will be forever grateful. 

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[Featured Image Credit: abcnews]