Sheep Sheds 89 Pounds Of Wool After Being Lost For Five Years

Sheep Sheds 89 Pounds Of Wool After Being Lost For Five Years

Sometimes, when I’m feeling lazy, I’ll go a few too many weeks without a haircut and let my short bob get a little too shaggy.

However, an Australian sheep has a leg up on me when it comes to going too long without a haircut. The following famous sheep was discovered stuck in the Australian bush in 2015.

At first, the hiker was startled. It looked like a cotton ball on steroids had fallen rom the sky. Then, he realized it as a sheep in need of some serious assistance.


Chris, as his rescuer decided to call him, had apparently been separated from his flock 5 or 6 years earlier. For that whole time, Chris wandered the wilderness and accumulated too much wool.

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In fact, Chris’s wool had ballooned to be about 5 times the amount of a typical sheep.

“Help!” tweeted Tammy Ven Dange from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Australia. The RSPCA “needs help from a shearer immediately to hopefully save this sheep we just rescued!”

And a shearer stepped up to the plate. A team sedated the poor animal got a group together that could properly sheer the overgrown animal.

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In the end, they removed 89 pounds of wool, clocking in at the largest amount of wool ever removed from a sheep in one sitting.

Now that wool is on display in a museum and Chris is happy and once again in safe hands.

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After loosing all that wool, Chris’s standard of living has vastly improved.

Chris stands shaven for the first time in a long time. He's pink from the antibacterial cream, but finally healthy [AP]

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