Shelter Dog Has Been Looking For A Forever Home Her Entire Life

Shelter Dog Has Been Looking For A Forever Home Her Entire Life

This beautiful dog named Jessica has literally been looking for a forever home for most of her life… 

Jessica was dropped off as a stray at Second Chance Rescue in New York in 2013, and for the past four years, Second Chance has been caring for her while they continue to search for her forever home. Second Chance Rescue learned that Jessica had given birth to puppies, but no one knows what became of them, and she had also been diagnosed with mange. 

The mange was so bad that it caused Jessica’s skin to develop a pinkish hue, and she needed immediate treatment and care. Since Second Chance took Jessica into their care, they have tried to get her adopted four times and none were successful. Jessica was adopted by a couple, who after five months, changed their minds and brought her back to the shelter

The second family that adopted her were forced to bring her back after the birth of their child because they did not have the proper amount of time to dedicate to her needs. The next family had to bring Jessica back because of housing requirements. 

Finally, the fourth family that adopted Jessica brought her back once they realized she was going to need surgery. Now, Jessica is resigning in boarding and she seems to have accepted the hand that has been dealt to her. 

Second Chance Rescue is sharing Jessica’s story in the hopes that a loving family will finally adopt her. They created a Facebook page called, “Jessica Needs a New Home” to help get her adopted. 

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[Featured Image Credit: Facebook- Jessica Needs a New Home]