Shelter Dog Learns To Smile To Help Get Her Adopted

Shelter Dog Learns To Smile To Help Get Her Adopted

Being confined to a shelter and having limited human interaction can be really tough on a dog. 

Yet, for a 2-year-old dog named Riley, her “special gift” may just be his winning ticket out of the shelter. 

Riley was brought to the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento by a homeless person who found her wandering the streets alone. The staff at the shelter immediately fell in love with Riley and wanted to do whatever they can to help get her adopted.

“My kennel technician, Britney Ridge, fell in love with her personality and for whatever reason thought that Riley was one of those dogs that could smile,” Gina Knepp of Front Street Animal Shelter told The Dodo. “So every day during feeding and cleaning, they would talk to each other.”

Credit: Front Street Animal Shelter- City of Sacramento/Facebook

It turns out that Riley can smile and has been taught to smile on cue. “Britney whipped out her phone to capture that quirky sweet smile and magic happened,” Knepp said. 

In the adorable video below, Riley is shown smiling whenever Ridge says “smile,” and it’s basically the cutest thing ever. 

As of January 15, Riley and her dog friend in the video were still available for adoption, so if you are interested, please call the shelter which is located in Sacramento. Riley’s ID # is A512512. 

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[Featured Image Credit: Front Street Animal Shelter- City of Sacramento/Facebook]