Shelter Sends Rescue Dogs On Sleepovers To Help Get Them Adopted

Shelter Sends Rescue Dogs On Sleepovers To Help Get Them Adopted

The animal adoption process can involve a lot of guesswork, when you don’t know how a dog will react until you bring them home with you. 

A rescue organization called the LifeLine Animal Project addresses these concerns by dressing up their rescue dogs in pajamas and offering prospective adopters the chance to take them home for a night. 

Credit: Lifeline Animal Project

The shelter provides families with everything they would need for the sleepover, including food for the dog, bowls, and leashes. 

Prospective adopters get a chance to see how the dog will react in their home, and it often reveals the dog’s true personality and can help the shelter match them with a family. 

Credit: Lifeline Animal Project

“At the shelter, they can often act too excited, because they desire human attention so much, but aren’t used to getting it for extended periods of time. When they go to someone’s house, they can settle down and just be themselves,” LifeLine spokesperson Karen Hirsch tells The Dodo. 

The dog named Bryn, pictured below, had a sleepover with a family who wound up adopting him. The Sayers fell in love with him after only thirty minutes of having him in their home, and although they fell in love with Bryn’s picture, it was his visit that solidified it. 

Credit: Janna Sayer

The sleepovers, however, are not just limited to prospective adopters. Anyone who wishes to host a puppy for a sleepover can, as it is perfect for the dogs to get a needed break from the shelter


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[Featured Image Credit: LifeLine Animal Project]