Shocking Ultrasound Shows Baby’s Feet Sticking Out Of Mom’s Uterus In Rare Rupture

Shocking Ultrasound Shows Baby’s Feet Sticking Out Of Mom’s Uterus In Rare Rupture

Finding out you’re having a baby is one of the most exciting things that can happen in a person’s lifetime, but with that joy also comes a lot of anxiety and worrying about the many, many things that could happen during those nine months in the womb.

Most doctors will tell a first-time parent not to worry too much unless they find cause for concern, but every so often a pregnancy story like this one will surface and completely shock us.

In the following photo, which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2016, we see a 33-year-old mother who went in for a seemingly routine ultrasound appointment and stunned doctors by what was going on inside her. The sonogram image below, which was posted on Twitter by Live Science, reveals that the mom-to-be had a 1-inch tear in her uterus, where the baby’s legs appeared to be sticking out in the amniotic fluid-filled sac.

[Live Science]
Dr. Pierre-Emmanuel Bouet, OB/GYN at France’s Angers University Hospital and lead author of the report told Live Science the condition he had never encountered such an “extremely rare” pregnancy and that only 26 cases reported. However, since it was this mother’s sixth pregnancy, with her five previous children being born via C-section, she was at greater risk for such a tear.

Although doctors warned the parents that the pregnancy was dangerous and should be preceded with caution, the mother went on to deliver a healthy, albeit at 3 pounds, underweight baby via C-section. Live Science reported that six months later the doctors reported both mom and baby were healing nicely.

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[Featured Image: Twitter / Live Science]