Shocking Video Shows Armed Burglars Creeping Inside Home As Children Are Sleeping

Shocking Video Shows Armed Burglars Creeping Inside Home As Children Are Sleeping

A home surveillance video captured harrowing footage of two armed men breaking into a family’s Florida home. 

Homeowner Al Vera told“My wife, she’s still shaking… When I saw (the video), my jaw dropped.”

Credit: Inside Edition

A burglar can be seen pushing his way inside and creeping around in the darkness, with Vera’s two sleeping grandchildren, ages 10 and 13 on the couch. One of the men is seen surveying the living room to see what to steal, and the second burglar stands by the door with a handgun, taking the stolen property. 

The men stole a stainless steel .38 special revolver from the victims’ vehicle, along with several credit cards and a cell phone that were taken from inside the home. 


When Vera saw the surveillance tape he was shocked. “(The kids) were all in the living room sleeping, and he just walks right around in between them,” Vera said. “My bedroom is right over there. He was right there, but he never opened the door.”

The burglar made his way around the living room and kitchen before he decided to take the sleeping child’s cell phone. The entire time, his lookout stood outside the front door, aiming his gun inside. “God forbid, what could’ve happened if one of us got up? They robbed my gun, my GPS — on my door (where) I keep my credit cards (and) my wallet,” Vera said. “They stole all that.”

Credit: Inside Edition

Vera also noticed on the video that the men came inside the house several times, and he saw even more men in his driveway. “There’s like, three guys going through the car while he’s inside the house,” Vera said. “They’re ransacking the car still.”

Since the break-in, Vera has installed new locks around the house and he has plans to add more lights inside. “They better stay away from here, because I am armed and I’m putting measures now where I will be alerted if someone is prowling out here,” Vera said.

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[Featured Image Credit: Inside Edition]