Shocking Video Shows Man Singing 80s Songs During Surgery

Shocking Video Shows Man Singing 80s Songs During Surgery

While Taylor Hartsfield was getting brain surgery he belted out 1980’s hits like “Don’t Stop Believing.” 

While you may think this was due the effects of him receiving anesthesia, this was not the case. Hartsfield, 30, had to be awake during his craniotomy in order for surgeons to remove a fist-sized brain tumor. 

Since the tumor was located near the part of the brain that controls movement and language, surgeons had to keep him singing, talking, counting, and wiggling his arms and legs throughout the procedure to make sure they weren’t damaging his brain. 

According to the Miami Herald, “This complex surgery isn’t new, but it’s only performed at select medical centers with dedicated brain tumor centers.”

A video was captured by the University of Miami, and it showed Hartsfield undergoing his procedure and belting out songs from Journey and Phil Collins. At one point the surgeons even teased him telling him he would never win a singing competition. 

Thankfully, Hartsfield’s surgery was a success and he was discharged from the hospital the following day. Weeks after surgery, Hartfield’s wife explained that her husband was back to his old habits- exercising, socializing and even cleaning the whole apartment just two days after surgery. 

“I think you’re back to your old self,” Davina told her husband. Although Hartsfield didn’t remember much of his surgery, he did compare it to the Star Gate scene from the end of “2001: A Space Odyssey.” “It was actually kind of fun,” Hartsfield said. 

The crazy part is Hartsfield’s wife gave birth to their child just days later. 

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[Featured Image Credit: University of Miami]