Silly Pygmy Goats Climb On Top Of A Horse

Silly Pygmy Goats Climb On Top Of A Horse

These adorable goats are having fun jumping on top of a horse’s back.

Goats are known for their silly shenanigans, and these pygmy goats are no exception.

They play in the farm, doing their best to climb on top of the horse’s back, and when they finally get on top, they stay there enjoying the view and trying to keep their balance.

It’s adorable to watch goats doing such silly things, and it’s amazing that the horse stays so calm even with the goats on his back.

A really cute part is watching the little goat try and get back on top of the horses back, after jumping off. He gets some height by climbing on top of a wooden ledge, and waits patiently until he the horse gets close enough.

Click below to watch these silly pygmy goat shenanigans:

[Featured Image Credit: chrisbowman28681]