Soldier Dad Surprises Kids At School After A Year Apart

Soldier Dad Surprises Kids At School After A Year Apart

After almost an entire year apart, one Connecticut mom decided to do something special to surprise her kids when she found out that their dad was finally going come.

“We’ve never had a big homecoming, and now they’re all a little bit older and kind of get it a little more, so I wanted to something big for them,” said mom Alisa Rosson, whose husband, Sgt. Antoine Gibeau, just completed his deployment in Africa that kept him from seeing their three kids for 11 months.

With the help of Prospect Elementary School’s principal, Rosson planned for her husband to make a surprise appearance at a school assembly this past Monday. “Their mom came to see me at the end of last week,” Principal Rima McGeehan said. “Since we already had a community meeting planned, I suggested surprising the kids at the end of the meeting.”

Nine-year-old Tyler, seven-year-old Gavin, and five-year-old Madison were sitting among the rest of the 600 students, but when McGeehan introduced the ‘special guest’ the three kids ran up and gave their dad a huge hug. “I can’t even describe it, it’s so amazing,” Gibeau said. “I didn’t sleep all last night.”

“The kids were thrilled,” McGeehan said. “It was a heartwarming moment for all… Prospect Elementary School, even though it’s really big, we’re truly a family. So, it is definitely a reunion for them, but in a sense, it’s a reunion for all of us.”

Watch the entire video below to see the awesome moment this soldier dad surprises his three kids at school.

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[Featured image: WFSB]