Soldier Is Reunited With His K-9 Partner After 6 Years Apart

Soldier Is Reunited With His K-9 Partner After 6 Years Apart

Soldiers spend every waking second with their K-9 partners and rely on them to keep them alive during deadly situations, which is why they form such deep, life-long bonds.

“We were in a dangerous situation over there in Afghanistan,” said U.S. Army veteran Sgt. Aaron Yoder about his service dog named Bart. “We were searching for explosives and weapons, so you just become really close when you live with each other 24-7.”

It’s that unbreakable bond and loyalty to one another that made Aaron jump in front of a bullet in order to save Bart’s life. While the brave decision saved Bart, he had to stay while Aaron had to be sent home for surgery. Thankfully, doctors managed to save his leg, but it will never heal completely as he will never have any feeling in his leg or foot.

It’s been six years since they were separated, but Bart recently retired and was sent to be reunited with his beloved partner. “It was difficult just trying to hide that emotion of being away from him and all the times we had together,” said Aaron, who broke down in tears when he finally saw Bart for the first time.

“He’s just going to be a dog…eat, sleep, play that’s about it,” Aaron said.

Watch the entire video below to see the touching moment this soldier is reunited with his service dog after years apart.

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[Featured image: WNDU]