Soldier Returns Home To Surprise His Wife Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

Soldier Returns Home To Surprise His Wife Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

Kathy Powers screamed as her husband, Mike Powers casually walked into the Parrot Steakhouse and Grill in Grove. 

Not expecting to see her husband anytime soon, as he was serving as a U.S. Army Reserve Sergeant First Class in Kuwait City, Kathy was shocked as husband walked in the door. Her reaction soon turned into happy tears as she realized her husband had made it home to surprise her for Valentine’s day. 

According to the Grove Sun, Kathy playfully hit her man in uniform, saying, “What are you doing here? and “How did you get here?” and “I can’t believe you’re here!”

Mike had just spent the last 14 months in Kuwait at Camp Arifjan, overseeing 36 chaplain teams that were based in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. “It feels good to be home,” the soldier said while hugging his wife.

Power’s tour of duty included using his faith to help other soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder. “The medics take care of physical needs and the chaplains take care of the spiritual needs,” Powers said. “We nurture the living, honor the dead and care for the wounded.”

Powers recalled the nights where rockets were launched and landed near the camp, saying, “Those were the nights I was thankful I had a praying wife and church family at home,”

Powers had a scheduled leave in March and was going to be home for good in August, but he was discharged early. During the celebratory lunch, 58-year-old Powers leaned in and told his wife that this tour would be his last. “I’m done,” he said. “This has been a tough time on me.” 

Kathy works as a bookkeeper for Grove First Baptist Church and Newsong Church, and she says of her husband’s return, “I have a honey-do list two pages long.” She knows her husband will always be a Marine at heart, and he says, “Do not to take living in America for granted. Living in Kuwait makes you appreciate what we have. God Bless America.”

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[Featured Image Credit: Gary Crow/ Special to the Grove Sun]