Soldier Reunites With Military Dog Months After They Were Both Injured

Soldier Reunites With Military Dog Months After They Were Both Injured

Specialist Andrew Brown was reunited with his military dog, Rocky, on Friday, months after they were both injured in Afghanistan.

The reunion came three months after they were injured by shrapnel from an improvised explosive device.

“When the explosion first happened, I was more worried about him than myself,” Brown said.

Photo by Facebook/89th Military Police Brigade

After the explosion, they were aware with Purple Hearts, and then separated as Brown was flown to Walter Reed hospital in the U.S. and Rocky continued treatment in Europe. Being apart was difficult for the duo, but Brown says he knew Rocky was in good hands. He suffered a broken femur in one of his hind legs and some injuries to his tail.

Photo by Facebook/89th Military Police Brigade

“He does everything, Brown said about Rocky. I’m just really a guy with a leash.”

On Thursday, after undergoing treatment for his injuries, Rocky left Germany and began his trip back to the U.S. On Friday, Rocky and Brown were reunited in Bethesda, Maryland, and Rocky describes the anticipation of the reunion as, “Just excitement— it’s the only way I can describe it.”

To Brown, Rocky is a big part of his family. “I’ve known [Rocky] longer than both of my sons have been alive. I think we make a pretty good team— you know, you’ve got to have 100 percent trust in your dog.”

And their plan for following the reunion is just to spend time together, like they were when they were in Afghanistan. Brown told ABC news, he would adopt Rocky if the dog medically retires, but says, “[Rocky] has a hight drive, so if he goes back to work I know he’ll do great things.”

And for Brown, he says he doesn’t have a timeline of when he’ll be back to Fort Hood or back on active duty, so he’s just taking it day by day.

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[Featured Image Credit: Facebook- Military Warriors Support Foundation]