Soldier Surprises Dad On His Birthday After Months Away

Soldier Surprises Dad On His Birthday After Months Away

When one Florida wife found out that her soldier husband, who had been stationed in Germany, was going to be back in time for his father’s 67th birthday, she immediately started planning a surprise.

Courtney Adams knows how close her husband Chris is with his dad Joe, so when she found out Chris would be returning from Germany just in time for Joe’s birthday, she reached out to a local Texas Roadhouse for help making the surprise homecoming a moment neither would ever forget.

“I called them today and told them my husband was coming home from Germany today to surprise his dad for his Birthday. I needed a table for 12 at 6pm (Texas doesn’t take reservations) they told me they would LOVE to help us out with that. Not only did they reserve us a table, they closed all the blinds so Daddy couldn’t see if we happen to walk by the wrong window,” Courtney said.

However, the surprise was nearly ruined when Chris’ flight was delayed and then they got a flat tire on their way to the restaurant. Eventually, Courtney and Chris made it to the restaurant and all the hard work paid off when they saw Joe’s face. “He broke down into tears,” Courtney said. “It was pretty emotional. His dad just grabbed onto him and didn’t want to let go.”

The restaurant manager personally filmed the special moment and then surprised the family with two cakes, one for Joe’s birthday and another for Chris’ homecoming, and then told them that their meal was on the house. “They said, ‘We here at Texas Roadhouse appreciate everything you do for our country and we value our military members, so we wanted to let you know dinner was on us,” Courtney explained. “I was in tears, especially after the crazy evening we had.”

Watch the entire video below to see the awesome moment this father sees his so for the first time in months.

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[Featured image: Facebook/Courtney Adams]