Soldier Surprises Her Sons During Assembly After A Year Away

Soldier Surprises Her Sons During Assembly After A Year Away

Most kids don’t think twice when their moms or dads show up at school to pick them up since their parents are normally there for them every day.

Yet kids with deployed parents in the military dream about such simple moments since they are often forced to go months without ever seeing their mom or dad. So when Air Force master sergeant Kathleen found out she was finally being sent home after a year stationed in South Korea, she thought surprising her sons at school would be the perfect way to reunite.

“They’ve been asking me every day if I knew when I was coming home and I’ve been telling them no I didn’t know,” said Kathleen. In reality, she knew exactly when she was being sent home but decided to keep it a secret, and contacted her younger sons’ school to plan a surprise reunion.

Last week, the principals and teachers from the Quarterfield Elementary school told the school they’d be having a random acts of kindness assembly. “I’m so excited,” Kathleen said. “It’s been a long time to be away from them, so to be able to do this and surprise them. I hope they are surprised.” Just as the assembly was starting, Kathleen walked out and her shocked little boys came running up and jumped into her arms.

“Honestly, I’ve been waiting for it since the day I left, for this moment to actually come home and be with them,” Kathleen said. “It’s hard being away, especially as a mom. It’s great doing what we do every day, but this is my real life and I’m glad to be home with them.”

Watch the entire video below to see the heartwarming moment these little boys were reunited with their soldier mom.

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