Special Guest Surprises Boy After No One At School Shows Up To His Birthday

Special Guest Surprises Boy After No One At School Shows Up To His Birthday

A 7-year-old from Missouri was bummed after no one in his class showed up at his birthday party on April 29, so kind-hearted neighbors did something about it.

Cole Hittler, who is a first grader, was very upset when not one student from his class at Harris Elementary in St. Charles showed up for his birthday party. “Coming closer to the party, I wasn’t seeing any RSVP’s from classmates,” Cole’s mom, Tracy Hittler, told InsideEdition.com. “We were hoping someone would come. It was really a bummer. It was just a sad day in general for him.”

Hittler believes his classmates didn’t show up since Cole was diagnosed with a Apraxia, a speech disorder when he was 4. He underwent skull surgery as an infant and Hittler said, “It’s hard for him to speak clearly and be understood by others, which impacts his ability to make friends.” 

Once the community heard that no one showed up to Cole’s birthday, kind-hearted residents decided to do something special for him. Carla Gibson, a friend of Hittler’s from high school decided to throw a party for Cole. On Sunday, Cole and his family were picked up in a limousine with a police escort and headed to a local Dave and Buster’s, where more than 70 people were waiting, including Batman. 

There was cake and presents all for Cole, and he finally got the birthday party he always wanted! 

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[Featured Image Credit: YouTube- Inside Edition via KMOV]