Startling Moment 3-Year-Old Hugs An 8-Foot Python

Startling Moment 3-Year-Old Hugs An 8-Foot Python

Many people would run at the sight of python, which is among the most deadliest snakes in the world. 

But for one little girl, her father encouraged her to engage with a massive 8-foot reticulated python

In the startling video below, dad, Ed Taoka filmed his 3-year-old fooling around with a pet python.  She happily hugs the deadly snake, seeming completely unfazed. 

It is clear from Taoka’s other videos on YouTube that the python has been a part of the family since it was a lot younger and much smaller. However, the footage is shocking and it scares us to know what this python is capable of, no matter how long it’s been in the family. 

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[Featured Image Credit: EdwardTaoka in Rumble]