Street Dog Unable To Stand After Being Hit By Car Still Wags His Tail For Rescuers

Street Dog Unable To Stand After Being Hit By Car Still Wags His Tail For Rescuers

When the incredible rescue organization Animal Aid Unlimited in India heard about a street dog who had been badly injured, they rushed to the scene.

They were told the poor golden retriever was injured by a vehicle and it was noticeable he had been terribly hurt. Besides bleeding on the dog’s face, his privates were covered with blood and it’s uncertain how long this poor dog lay on the street suffering alone.

Animal Aid Unlimited brought the dog back to their rescue to begin his treatment and he was sedated so that medical experts can begin to treat his deep lacerations.

They gave the dog antibiotics to fight off his infection and since he was so exhausted due to the stress of his accident, all he could do was sleep. The tired pooch needed many days to rest and recover from the trauma he experienced, but after spending two months in the care of Animal Aid, he was like a new dog!

They named the sweet boy Goldie, and watching him now will inspire you that anything is possible.

While the video below is graphic, the dog’s sweet reaction when he saw rescuers and his incredible recovery warmed our hearts.

Watch it below:

Warning: The following video contains graphic content that may be upsetting to some viewers. 

Animal Aid Unlimited India has displayed many times through their YouTube videos that no matter how dire a situation an animal is in, they will do their very best to provide them with medical treatment and months of rehabilitation and care.

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[Featured Image: YouTube- Animal Aid Unlimited]