Teen Fired From Her Job After Having A Deadly Allergic Reaction

Teen Fired From Her Job After Having A Deadly Allergic Reaction

Think your boss gives you a hard time? Just be happy you don’t have to work for this jerk…

As you can see in this story about a woman getting canned from her job at a daycare for a foolish Facebook post about hating kids, people every day, everywhere get fired out of sheer stupidity. However, every once in a while, you’ll hear a story about a completely unfair termination, like what happened to Danielle Dupperreault.

This 18-year-old Canadian woman, may be new to the workforce, but that still doesn’t mean she’ll be ok.

Duperreault of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada says she was fired from her job as a sales associate at an Urban Planet retailer after a severe allergic reaction to bell peppers while working in the store.

“I called a manager upstairs and one came up asking me what was wrong, at that point my airway was already closing,” Duperreault wrote in a message on Facebook. “She proceeded to show a tremendous amount of attitude. I did not have an epi-pen on me at the time because mine was expired and I needed to get a prescription for a new one. So she told me to go look in my car then proceeded to of wander off.”

A coworker rushed Duperreault to the emergency room where they administered epinephrine after she became faint, nauseous and light-headed, according to WPXI 11.

“My throat had almost completely closed and I nearly passed out due to lack of oxygen,” Duperreault wrote. “The doctors said if I would have waited another ten minutes I would be dead.”

After the incident, the teen got a shocking text from her supervisor. Instead of asking if she was ok, she was fired on the spot.

“I gave your shifts away this week, and unfortunately, I won’t be scheduling you any longer. We will mail your last pay stub to you. Take care, wish you all the best,” Duperrault’s boss wrote in the message she shared online.

The kind co-worker who took Duperreault to the clinic was also fired, according to the post.

“I firmly believe that there should always be an epi pen on hand in every store,” Duperreault wrote. “Who knows if a customer needs one in an emergency or someone who doesn’t know they have allergies and doesn’t own an epi pen. And frankly everyone I talked to about this believes that if she seen a customer in peril, she’d jump in to help… There should be training on how to administer an epi pen, how to handle a situation like that, and how to deal with the after math.”

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[Featured Image: Facebook /Duperreault]