Teen Spends All His Money On Water For Firefighters

Teen Spends All His Money On Water For Firefighters

Earlier this month, one Alabama mom was awoken late one night when she heard a strange popping noise and discovered her bedroom had caught on fire.

Casie Bennet immediately called the fire department, and when firefighters from the Creola Volunteer Fire Department arrived shortly after, she and her 15-year-old son, Kenneth, went to a local gas station to get a drink. But before heading out, Kenneth checked the firefighters’ cooler, and noticed they were almost out of water as well.

So when he spotted cases of water for sale at the gas station, he knew he had to get them for the brave men risking their lived to help his family even though he only had $40. “Kenneth asked the clerk how much the packs of waters were that were sitting outside,” Casie said. “When I came back outside, he was loading water in the truck.”

“Mama, they’re out of water,” Kenneth told his mom when she asked why he was buying so much water. “He just watched everything he owns go up in flames and he thought about somebody else,” Casie said. “That’s how I raised him to look out for others before yourself.”

“He is only 15 and plays football, which consumes a lot of his time so he does little [jobs] for different people,” Casie said about the $40 Kenneth had saved so that he could take his girlfriend out on a nice date for their first anniversary.

When members of their community heard what Kenneth did with his hard-earned money, they decided to surprise him for his good deed and plan the perfect anniversary date. “They planned the special night for Kenneth. A local business provided a limo and they were able to go to a restaurant, all expenses paid,” Casie said. “He didn’t think he did anything.”

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[Featured image: Facebook/Kenneth Bennett Jr.]