The Most Helpful Golden Retrievers You Will Ever Meet

The Most Helpful Golden Retrievers You Will Ever Meet

These golden retrievers give real meaning to the word retriever.

While it’s very hard to get good help these days, the owners of these golden retrievers do not have that problem.

When this German family returns home from the grocery store, they get more than a helping hand from their four-legged friends.

Instead of having to carry each bag inside themselves, their golden retrievers do the job for them, literally carrying inside every single bag!

Gif Credit: tumblr

Two of the dogs in particular are the hard workers of the family, and they go back an fourth from the car to the home bringing in all of the groceries.

The others just kind of sit there and watch, probably hoping for a treat in the end too. They kind of remind us of those those lazy people at work who don’t want to do anything.

After watching this awesome full video, we’re warning you, you’re going to wish your own dog did this for you too!

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[Featured Image Credit: Bianca Richter]