The Top 20 Healthiest Colleges in America

The Top 20 Healthiest Colleges in America

While most college experiences are full of questionable choices, it seems the students at these top colleges are making one good decision.

According to data collected during the 2014-2015 school year by GrubHub, a takeout ordering site that allows users to order from over 35,000 restaurants in 900 cities, these are the top healthiest schools. The rankings are based on the students’ ordering patterns and health-conscious decisions like choosing a side of greens over fries.


Take a look at the top 20 schools below, and check out the entire lineup here.

20. Florida State University

19. Monmouth University

18. The College of New Jersey

17. University of Florida

16. Northeastern University

15. Clemson University

14. University of Arizona

13. Georgetown University

12. James Madison University

11. Miami University

10. University of California Berkeley

9. American University

8. Fordham University

7. Florida International University

6. University of Notre Dame

5. The City University of New York

4. Southern Illinois University

3. University of California Davis

2. St. John’s University

1. University of Buffalo

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