These Hysterical Kids Got Painfully Honest In Their Letters To Santa

These Hysterical Kids Got Painfully Honest In Their Letters To Santa

Every year, Santa Claus gets sent letters from kids around the world to thank him for presents last year, let him know what they want this year, and sometimes apologize for being naughty.

Beyond that, those letters to Santa also give a very candid look at the hysterical, and sometimes bizarre minds of children. Take a look at these hysterical kids who get very honest in their letters to Santa.

11. Only if you can afford it, Santa.

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10. “Well, business is business, so let’s get to it…”

Photo by redditor rubber_necker)

9. This kid really just wants to be a dragon.

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8. Don’t worry Santa, he doesn’t care about the hookers.

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7. She’s just looking out for the reindeer.

Photo by redditor SliggitySly

6. Enough chit-chat.

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5. This kid took this Christmas list a little too literally.

Photo by Imgur / charliefunkie

4. “I only want the puppy.”

Photo by Reddit / orangeworker

3. The gretyist girl on the planet.

Photo by redditor Kasandraxxx63

2. If you’re akting bad, you get kool.

Photo by Imgur / CheeseSticksAndVodka

1. This kid is brutally honest.

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