This is the Shocking Amount of Editing That Goes Into One Instagram

This is the Shocking Amount of Editing That Goes Into One Instagram

From Instagram’s very beginning, the social media platform was meant to capture and share beautiful moments with friends and the world. However, with the help of filters, photo-editing apps, and layout tools, Instagram has started to look more like the air-brushed images in magazines and less like a personal photo-diary.

Take a look at any top fashion or lifestyle bloggers and you’ll be sure to find dozens of perfect selfies, and shots of their unnaturally perfect lives. While the goal is to look as authentic as possible, these bloggers can earn upwards of six-figures each year to feature, mention, or tag products in posts, so there’s no surprise these images are edited with a fine-toothed comb to appear flawless.

If you want to see all the work that really goes into these ‘effortless’ photos, or maybe learn a few trick yourself, take a look at Life With Me blogger Marianna Hewitt’s Youtube video that reveals all the photo-editing trade secrets. The video, which is over 10 minutes long, shows how to achieve the perfect selfie, which entails taking dozens of selfies, erasing stray hairs, adding dimension, and even making the eyes brighter.


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